Great Grand Master Chiu Chuk Kai was born in the Loo Wan Village of Shun Tung Province, China. His mother passed away when he was 5 and so, his father was to be his primary caregiver. However, his father spent most of his time pursuing his interest in Chinese Opera and had little time for Chiu. Therefore, he was cared for mostly by an older lady who lived next door.

One hot day, Chiu was resting in front of a temple where an old monk saw him and came to the belief that Chiu was destined for Martial Art greatness. The old monk asked Chiu's neighbor for permission to teach him martial arts. Upon receiving permission, the monk took him to the Chi Chong Temple on Dai Wah mountain, in Ping Do county. It was there that Chiu studied from two other monks: "Clear Stream (Ching Chuen)" and "Wise East (Gok Dong)". They taught him the Shaolin Long Fist style along with the various forms, conditioning, and traditional weaponry of the system.

Chiu spent 10 years at the mountain until his two Masters passed away. He returned home and found a job at Dough Sing Security, where he was a security guard protecting valuable shipments to their destinations.

Upon Dough Sing Securities closing, Chiu went to stay with his uncle who lived in Yin Tai. There, his uncle offered him a job in his trading company. However, Chiu did not accept as he was not interested in becoming a business man and felt he still had much to accomplish in his martial arts training. Therefore, he and a few of his rich friends hired a famous martial artist, Yum Fung Suey to teach them the Praying Mantis style of Kung Fu. Afterwards, they followed Master Chi Sau Jun for another 4 years. Chiu's ability had progressed immensely under the tutelage of both masters. Later, he taught Kung Fu in the Dai Yew village. A year later Chiu's uncle invited him again to help him in his business. Chiu agreed and returned to Yin Tai where he was stationed at Dai Lin. However, he resigned his post later due to the Japanese occupation of the region. Chiu then opened a martial arts training center in Yin Tai, training students in the art of Tai Chi Praying Mantis.

Eventually he travelled to the Southern region of China passing on his knowledge of Kung Fu to students in Hong Kong and Macau.

Later, Great Grand Master accepted an invitation from Vietnam to teach Kung Fu in both its Northern and Southern regions. He spent a total of 15 years overseas and taught thousands of students. He then moved back to Hong Kong and taught his art of Kung Fu until he passed away at the age of ninety-one.

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