Wong Fei Hung was born circa 1847 in the Nam Hoi district of Canton province into a well respected and famous family of Kung Fu practitioners. He is undoubtably the most famous Hung Gar master whose life has been immortalized by hundreds of movies, publications, and TV shows. Wong Fei Hung is widely considered the father of the modern day Hung Gar due to his additions and the pivotal role in the development of the system.

Wong Fei Hung started learning Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese Medicine from a very early age under the guidance of his father, Wong Kei Ying. As a young boy, he traveled with his father all over China which gave him the opportunity to meet and train with some of the best Kung Fu masters of the time. During one of these travels,he met Lam Fook Sing, a student of the famous Master, Tid Kiu Sam. Lam Fook Sing passed all his knowledge on to Wong Fei Hung including the form “The Iron Wire Set” which was created by Tid Kiu Sam.

As Wong Fei Hung reached adulthood, he earned an excellent reputation for his skills in Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese medicine. He also became known and respected for his strong character, honesty, righteousness and moral values. He helped those in need without asking for anything in return. Wong Fei Hung's martial skills and the effectiveness of his style were proven time and time again in many open challenges. Famous and skilled Kung Fu fighters of the time came to cross hands with Wong Fei Hung but none could defeat him. He soon became one of the most famous masters of his time. His name and stories spread far and wide. Wong Fei Hung eventually inherited his fathers school and clinic "Po Chi Lum", where thousands of people came to be accepted as his disciple and study his famous Hung Gar Kung Fu. In addition to his martial and medical skills, he was well known for his excellent Lion Dancing and was referred to as the "King Of Lions". Wong Fei Hung was also the head instructor of the Canton army and leader of the Civilian Militia.

One of his greatest masterpieces is the Tiger and Crane set, which he re-choreographed and further developed. Many important aspects and principles were further refined and added in , such as the unique internal training handed down by the Tid Kiu Sam, 10 unique hands, theory of yin-yang, 5 elements, and 7 stars. The ten unique hands were the ten most favored techniques of Wong Fei Hung which he used in many challenges to defeat his opponents. He is also credited with developing and creating the 10 Element Fist form as a bridge form between the Tiger Crane Form and the Iron Wire Set.

Wong Fei Hung had many outstanding students. One of the most famous and well known of his students was Lam Sai Wing, who carried on the legacy and teachings of his master.

Wong Fei Hung remains the most famous of all Hung Gar masters to date. The story of his life has been immortalized in hundreds of movies, publications, TV and radio shows. Kwan Tak Hing, a well known Chinese actor rose to fame playing the character of Wong Fei Hung in over 80 films. Today, many movies and TV shows are still made about his adventures by such famous actors as Jackie Chan and Jet Li who immortalized his tales in the films “Drunken Master” and “Once Upon A Time in China” respectively.







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