Wong Kei Ying, son of Wong Tai and father of the famous Hung Gar Master, Wong Fei Hung, was born in the Nam Hoi district of Canton province. Wong Kei Ying was well known and respected for his skills in Kung Fu as well as his knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. Although sometimes overshadowed by his son's fame he is widely regarded as one of the best martial artists of his time and was one of the Ten Tigers of Canton, a group of Kung Fu masters held in the highest of esteem.

Wong Kei Ying started learning Hung Gar at a very young age, first under his father and then his Grand Master, Luk Ah Choy. After years of hard training and dedication, Wong learned and mastered the Hung Gar system. He later opened a bone setting clinic and Kung Fu school in Canton.

Although Wong Kei Ying had already mastered all he was taught, he was not satisfied and searched for other Hung Gar practitioners to improve his understanding of the style. Being a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine he often had to travel all over China to find medicinal herbs for his clinic in Canton. During his travels he met many famous masters of Kung Fu which helped him to further improve his martial skills. His son, Wong Fei Hung also travelled with him from a very young age and in turn trained with some of the best Kung Fu masters of the time. During one of their journeys , they helped a famous martial artist who was performing his Kung Fu skills in the street and accidentally hurt a bystander. The street performer was Lam Fook Sing, a top student of the famous Tid Kiu Sam. Wong Kei Ying helped Lam Fook Sing by treating the bystander. Lam Fook Sing was so grateful that in return he taught both Wong Kei Ying and young Wong Fei Hung the famous internal form of Hung Gar, “The Iron Wire Set".








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