Luk Ah Choy was a well known disciple of the Abbot Gee Sin Sim See and classmate of Hung Hei Goon. Luk Ah Choy was unique because unlike other Hung Gar masters, he was of Manchurian descent. He is credited for his efforts to spread the art of Hung Gar Kuen. Luk Ah Choy started his Kung Fu training as a young boy under a monk named Li Bakfu who taught him a Northern style of Kung Fu called Fa Kuen (Flower Fist).

He later trained under Gee Sin and became one his top disciples. Upon hearing of his student’s school, Gee Sin sent Luk Ah Choy to Fa city to further develop his skills under Hung Hei Goon. Hung Hei Goon passed all his skills on to Luk Ah Choy including the famous Tiger Crane form he had developed. He was later sent to Canton by Hung Hei Goon to help and spread the art of Hung Gar. It was later that Luk Ah Choy opened his own school in Canton teaching Hung Gar Kuen openly to the public.

Luk Ah Choy's best student’s were Wong Tai and later, Wong Tai’s son, Wong Kei Ying. From this point onwards, the art of Hung Gar was carried on by three generations of the Wong Family; Wong Tai, his son Wong Kei Ying, and grandson Wong Fei Hung.








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