Master Y.C. Wong is one of the senior-most Hung Gar Kung Fu authorities teaching in the United States today. At the age of six, he started training in this style under his own father in Canton, China. During his teens, he left China for Hong Kong to complete his Hung Gar training under Hung Gar Great Grandmaster Lam Jo. Grand Master Wong spent many years under the his Master’s tutelage where he lived, trained and assisted in teaching at Lam Jo’s Kung Fu school. Grand Master Wong learned and mastered all the hand techniques and traditional weaponry of the style.

Besides Hung Gar, Grand Master Wong is also skilled in the Northern Kung Fu style of Pek Kwa, which he studied under the guidance of the famed Tai-Sing Pek-Kwa Grandmaster Kun Duk Hoi. In addition, he is highly skilled and experienced in three internal styles, Kuan Ping Yang Style Tai-Chi Chuan, Pa Kua and I-Chuan standing meditation.
Grand Master Wong has been teaching and promoting Kung Fu in California’s Bay Area for more than thirty years. Inside Kung Fu Magazine featured him in its monthly periodical several times and included him in their "Who's Who in the Martial Arts" as one of Americas most highly respected and well known martial artists.

Grand Master Wong believes that humility, perseverance, and understanding of the principles are the keys to Kung Fu perfection and that the mental and physical dimensions of the art must be united and strengthened. One’s willingness to learn and to spend time in training is as important as receiving proper instruction. Proper instruction is critical since improper practice due to a lack of understanding of the Kung Fu principles can be harmful to ones health.
Grand Master Y.C. Wong’s school in San Francisco was established in 1966 and continues to provide quality instruction to all interested individuals.








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